Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Driving Home from the Car Dealership I Averaged 38.5 MPG

As previously reported in this blog. I've been shopping for a hybrid car. Well I found one, and boy am I having fun watching those biofeedback displays that are teaching me how to most efficiently drive this car. It's stylish, roomy and you'd never know it was a hybrid to look at it or to open up when you need to pass a car. It's a 2009 Toyota Camry.

I have never owned a Toyota until now, and now, I'm very impressed with Toyota's hybrid edge. Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive© is the most advanced type. Full hybrids run on electric drive at low speeds, on gasoline and electric drive in traffic, and on gasoline alone at highway speeds. Computers automatically control the electric motor and gasoline engine for an optimal balance of responsive performance, fuel economy and lower emissions.

The electric motor adds extra power during peak demands, enabling the use of a smaller, lighter and less polluting engine. The gasoline engine provides most of the power. It recharges the hybrid battery for hundreds of miles of range. The batteries also get energy back from the drivetrain in a process called regenerative braking. The cumulative effect is a vehicle that recycles its own energy. I'm sold on Synergy!--Ruth Mitchell

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