Monday, April 14, 2008

Greedy Middlemen

I'm not one to give negative attention much attention, but I have had an eye-opening reality hit me lately about the Internet. Not only are time-honored institutions of journalism being eroded:spelling, punctuation, etc. in the rush to instant publishing, but there are those out there so quick to judge, they are spreading lies in the name of being considered an "expert" in their field. Take one C.Sven Johnson

" looks like greedy marketing middleman. afaic, they only offer a centralized "mall". I'd avoid them like the plague.

11:07 AM April 08, 2008 from web"

I came across this slander on a routine Google report, and it apparently originated from Yet another social network conceived by a bunch of groovy kids in San Francisco.

I looked up on to see what "afaic" stands for, and it stands for "As far as I'm concerned." Well, obviously C Sven Johnson, alias reBang, wasn't concerned enough to do a little investigation of our site, but instead opted to take a cheap shot at us.

This gives me an excellent opportunity to share with you a little history of our website. Are you listening C Sven Johnson, aka reBang?

We started developing the site in the summer of 2003, and went online in 2004. We are not financed by a huge conglomerate like many of our competitors, have no huge advertising budget, do all marketing for our artists at absolutely no charge, and only get paid a smaller than market share commission when we sell something, which isn't often enough to receive status in the "greedy middleman," category.
I think we actually got this wonderful notice from Etsy sellers when I innocently saw work by an artist that I liked and solicited them to have work on our site. This is an honor, not an insult mind you, considering the select company they would keep on our site. That day we received a lot of traffic from the Etsy site, because someone was upset we had noticed their work and were interested in marketing it for them.

Just for the record, unlike Etsy that charges $.20 per item listed, we take no one's money up front. We believe that the time honored tradition of art galleries, where a commission is taken upon the sale of an item, is the most correct way to work with artists and craftsmen. We opted for a selective collection, which means to you, no matter how famous an artist is, we select the work based on the trends and conditions of our site at the time.
Millions of dollars have been poured into sites like Etsy by large corporate investors. And yet we continue to compete with them enough that self-proclaimed experts like C Sven Johnson come along and want to bash us.
As a student, I once had my photographs stolen that were part of a traveling exhibit. When I expressed my frustration to my teacher, he wisely told me to be flattered and move on. I think I'll do the same here. Take a look at this wonderful work of art, and while you're at it, go ahead and purchase.--Ruth Mitchell

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