Tuesday, April 08, 2008

How Many Websites Are There?

So what can be done to measure the size of the World Wide Web? Has anyone tried? Yes! The Netcraft Web Server Survey is a widely respected survey that attempts to contact every website that is accessible on the Internet. In the March 2008 survey, Netcraft received responses from 162,662,052 sites. In this increasingly enormous market, without the benefit of large sums of capital, we continue to help you practice creative consumerism.
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Our website is one of the very few websites that does not charge on an upfront fee to our artists. They are on the site by selection only. This does several things for our clientele. Creative Consumers have a higher incidence of returning because of a level of talent that is already experienced, and it makes the site easier to visit and browse.

Postcard Art by George Wittenberg

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