Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Present is Our Present

Not trying to be cryptic with the title, just a little clever. One of our artists, Allan Buitekant, has become a friend even though I've never actually met him in person. Through the short time he has had his work on the site, he has shared openly with me about his work, his life and the meaning his work gives to his life. Because of his ability to communicate openly, sometimes I feel like he's in the room and I've had a conversation with him. It also helps that I see his work every day. I've gotten to know him through his work and our email conversations. His pottery is elegant in its simplicity, which I certainly appreciate. But there is nothing simple about being human, and anyone who creates is often motivated by complex thought processes. Those artists that become proficient at their chosen medium are so because they have mastered a set of complicated skills. A little luck and talent are often essential too, but not nearly as important as a desire to create.

This morning's conversation with Allan made me aware once again of how the present moment is our gift. Often we forget this little insight, so caught up in our goals for the future or the remorse of the past, that we forget to live today. I've heard this proclaimed over and over again, by sages throughout history, so should I ignore this simple pretext to live in the moment, I would be courting folly not to engage in the wisdom of the ages.

What are your plans for enjoying this day to its fullest? I suggest a little Creative Consumerism™. Whether you shop at this site, or use your purchase power thoughtfully to support the care of our natural environment, being creative with your buying power is important too.--Ruth Mitchell

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