Monday, May 19, 2008

Aah Spring!

It's one of those incredible Spring days you so rarely see in this part of the country. I've already walked the dogs, and now I'm out on the deck working away at my computer.

By the time the sun comes over the roof, it will be too warm and bright to stay outside, but right now it is cool and I am in heaven. The lake has been glassy all morning, but now a whisper of a breeze is beginning to ripple the waters.

My thoughts are occasionally interrupted by the noise of a hummingbird in flight as it races to the red globe of hand blown glass which hangs from a pole fastened to the deck railing. I bought the globe years ago. It was crafted by a local artist. I am reminded once again by how mass marketing and convenience affects our choices. I was at a party at a very fancy home the other evening. This home has an incredible view with a layout to effectively take advantage of the scenery, but out in the yard were a dozen of those red plastic humming bird feeders you find at Wal-mart.

While aesthetics shouldn't frame our concern for those amazing creatures who migrate thousands of miles each year, it just seemed like a terrible oversight.

Remember you do have choices, and the convenience of shopping online with can make a difference in your life as you become a Creative Consumer. Okay, here's the irony. We don't have any handblown hummingbird feeders available on our site. Ouch! Sounds like a goal for the day to remedy that. This amazing photograph thought, was taken by our own Michael Swaffar.--Ruth Mitchell

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