Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just in from Earth Day Network

Dear Earth Day Network activist:

I am writing to urge you to call your Senators and demand amendments to the Climate Security Act (S.2191) to ensure that the final version of this bill will truly mitigate the climate crisis. In its current form, the Climate Security Act falls far short of what is needed to gain control of our planet's future.

Please urge your Senators to support amendments that will require a moratorium on new coal fired power plants; require that no less than 30 percent of our energy come from renewable sources by 2030; require national building standards that will result in carbon-neutral buildings by 2030, and provide support for the poor and middle class as we build the new green economy. Without these provisions the bill is simply not going to address the global warming problem. The switchboard number for the US Capitol is 202 224-3121.

We owe our children and grandchildren a better future. The climate crisis cannot be solved unless we have tough and fair action now. Please urge your Senators to strengthen S.2191 and work to pass a revised version of this bill that will prevent the devastating impacts of global warming, before it is too late.

Kathleen Rogers

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