Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 2 Grand Luxe Rail Adventure - Williams, AZ

This is rail day. Our first all day trip on the train. We left Albuquerque this morning at 4 a.m and Mitch has been up ever since. Are you kidding, he's not going to miss a second of this first "roll." I did sleep in a little but, am not caught up yet. It was glorious sleeping while the train rocked down the track. We enjoyed some wonderful landscape scenery, and a talk by geologist Wayne Ranney in the club car. Then headed to the dining car for another superb meal.

Once we arrived in Williams, we've spent a lot of time servicing the train, and getting the crew of the Grand Canyon Railroad onboard for our journey tomorrow to the Grand Canyon. I've seen it once before many years ago, but was more concerned with keeping my active two year old from jumping of the edge, than taking in the incredible view. It truly is a place on earth where no pictures can portray the beauty of it.

Mitch has enjoyed keeping up with the operations of the train this afternoon and I have, count 'em, five bars of reception for my air card. I've given up trying to take a nap, and hopefully tonight I'll get to catch up a little more. More tomorrow--Ruth Mitchell

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Wayne Ranney said...


I enjoyed meeting you both and seeing the mention of my name in your blog. Happy Railing to you and Mitch!

Wayne, The Geologist