Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Thinking About Dad?

Craig, Bill and I have been extremely busy working on new designs at Kentucky Cutting Boards. For the Derby this year, we crafted a “Limited Edition Horse and Jockey” cutting board – only 18 made – each one has nine pieces and took about twice the time most of our boards take to create. This is the second year we’ve created an exclusive design for the Derby.

For each new design, the longest process is from point “A” (me conceptualizing my design) to “B” (figuring out how to make it work with a router and wood). It takes Craig and I sometimes weeks to finalize a design that will work as an inlay. Then Bill and I study the wood we have available which is very dependent on whatever wood he has ordered to complete the flooring inlay design jobs that come in – it is very important to me to utilize the “scrap” woods for our inlays. This is why sometimes our Ladybugs have a shell made of African Padouk and sometimes Brazilian Cherry (both red shades). We always like to try new design ideas – our new Pineapple has been a big hit. Summer is usually a time to gather in excess inventory and get ourselves prepared for the upcoming holiday season.

Kentucky Cutting Boards are hand crafted from Appalachian Maple. The species of wood used for the Horse & Jockey inlay includes Purple Heart, African Wenge and American Walnut. This board is unusual in that although we used the same three different woods in all eighteen boards, we mixed up HOW we used the wood in the design. In other words, on one board the jockey’s pants might be Wenge, in another they are Walnut. So even within the eighteen, the individual boards vary.

The price for a Limited Edition 2008 Horse and Jockey board is $120. Out of the eighteen made I have three available to sell as of today. --Jennifer Adams

Editor's note: I have one of Jennifer's cutting boards and I use it several times a day. It is not only functional and beautiful, but very durable. I expect my grandchildren will enjoy using it after I am gone. If you'd like to purchase one of these "Special Edition Horse and Jockey" boards, email me, or to purchase one of Jennifer's other beautiful boards click here.

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