Saturday, June 14, 2008

Welcome Sharon Lewis

Hand painted silks ...nothing makes you feel more luxurious. Now offers beautiful hand painted silk pillows by artist Sharon Lewis, to brighten up any room.

"I am a self-taught silk painter and fiber artist," says Lewis. "I have been working with silk for around 8 years. My work has been sold at local galleries, art fairs, and online. I create silk scarves, sarongs, pillows, and wraps in brilliant colors. My color schemes and influences come from the natural world and I enjoy creating unique wearable silk art."


gardenwithgod said...

Absolutely love this color combo!!! Could you make curtains like this? Maybe with some Amber glow too? Our couch will be rusty brown or amber and I want blue incorporated in the color scheme. Love the designs you got with your unusual technique...very nice!!! said...

I can find out, but will need more information like dimensions.