Saturday, August 30, 2008

Into the Wild

Happy Labor Day. I hope your holiday is filled with family and friends and some quiet time as well. In between mastering Vista, learning the complexities of my new computer and feeding family, I have three very pleasant pastimes.

Last night we watched "Into the Wild," a beautifully directed movie by Sean Penn. I had read the book a couple of years ago, about Chris McCandless, a bright young man, but nevertheless troubled enough to run away from his past and his future with a Jack London sort of style. Sadly he died in the Alaskan wilderness while on an epic adventure. His story is recounted by author Jon Krakauer who was able to recount the journey of McCandless through his journals.

I'm also reading two books. One is "Nicholas and Alexandra," a nicely written history of the last Tsar of Russia. I saw the movie years ago, and am enjoying now reading the book, which was reccommended by a neighbor of mine who just returned from a trip to Russia. I've always wanted to visit St. Petersburg, but now have two additional destinations in mind. The Crimea area, where the tsar vacationed and Tsarskoe Selo, where the royal family once lived, if it still exists. So much of Russia's past has been wiped out by its Communistic era.

The last diversion I have going, other than dog sitting for two extra dogs, is Obama's book, Audacity of Hope. Politicians have discovered it is more effective to write a book before getting the office, rather than after, because it is a great way to be heard without being hacked to death by the media. The book, for the most part is fascinating, although I don't need to be convinced of similar values I apparently hold with the next President of the United States, I am thankful there is a candidate out there that upholds decency and generosity.

The family arrives tonight and we will have a last summer fling. Have a great one.--Ruth Mitchell

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