Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Non-Traditional Weddings Merit Non-traditional Gifts

A little over a year ago I wrote about my daughter's very non-traditional wedding. We're still receiving a high volume of hits on that blog entry. Why? Because young people today want to personalize their most sacred wedding ceremony to reflect their style, tastes and interests. The non-traditional wedding is not something new, although it has grown in velocity in our culture since the middle of last century.

Just like the ceremony, the interest in non-traditional wedding gifts is widely apparent. There are more men in the kitchen than ever before with the changing of roles women are playing as they seek careers in addition to traditional child-bearing roles. Fancy china is no longer seen as a status symbol, but in many cases Grandma's China collection has become a liability young people have to cart around the country as they pursue career goals.

As our society becomes more technologized (heck, you can't rely on paper and pen anymore you have to have one of those nifty computers that will transpose your notes; so does our need for authenticity That's why art and fine handmade things are always so desirable to newlyweds. What could be nicer than a piece of hand thrown pottery from Allan Buitekant's studio? Or a hand blown glass sake set by glassblower Andrew Pollack? Have you seen the latest paintings by Diana Bradley, or April Shurgar? What about a beautiful cutting board from Jennifer Adams at Kentucky Cutting Boards?

If you have a young couple in your life that are about to say their vows, be a cool dude or dudette and give them something they will cherish for a lifetime, an heirloom gift from Mitchell

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