Monday, September 15, 2008

Empower Yourself Cast Your Vote November 4, 2008

I guess its my background, first as a child, then as a woman in a male dominated workplace, that attracts me to personal empowerment. I try to share what I know on the topic whenever asked, and sometimes I venture out unsolicited like now. On November 4th, we will have the privilege to vote for the leader of our nation. I certainly don't want you to think I want to sway your vote with the following information, although it does come from the Democratic party. Everyone has the opportunity to vote their conscience for the candidate they think will lead our country in the direction with which they can most easily identify. That's such an unbelievable liberty in a world where oppression and evil often still predominate. This link will take you to a centralized system, so that if you don't know where your polling places is, or you're not sure if you are even registered to vote ,you can have that information available to you almost instantaneously.

Now back to personal empowerment. What is it? My definition is it is the ability to speak up, speak out, be yourself, express yourself in a way that doesn't hinder or hurt someone else. That's why I am so personally devoted to art. Art is expression intensified by talent, training, or sometimes just plain old inspiration. Like the old rock and roll song goes..."Express yourself." That can include voting for the candidate of your choice.--Ruth Mitchell

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