Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Work by Pavel Rehurek

Our featured artist this month is Pavel Rehurek. When I first discovered the work of Pavel, I immediately recognized his ability to transform photography from a medium of documentation to an art form that stretches the imagination. We are very pleased to represent Pavel and have his new work on the site!

A Canadian artist of Czech origin, Pavel Rehurek was influenced by some Czech and Slovak émigré artists in the late sixties and seventies. He has since then been involved in fashion photography, worked in the photographic research lab at a Canadian university, assisted a leading portrait artist and exhibited his photo based graphic art prints in Europe and the U.S. For a time he left the art scene for missionary and teaching work.

Rehurek has recently re-emerged as a contemporary artist whose fine art photography and digital media fusion demonstrate his passion for the figurative, expressionist style of art. His strong and memorable images are stimulating, provoking recollections of the physical freedoms we sacrifice in living out our busy lives.

REHUREK has a wonderful sense of colors and forms and he will capture your attention with his suspenseful if not bizarre figurative compositions and portraits with unique subject orientations.

REHUREK achieves this initially in the photographic stage, and then through special cropping and processes of alteration that enhances textures, colors and shapes till the point that his art becomes almost desirable to touch, to communicate with.

by (c) 2008 - Ruth Mitchell - all rights reserved

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