Tuesday, September 02, 2008

TheFind.com - Shopping Search Reinvented

While search engines have had a huge impact on our lives--the other night we had a question about a certain actor we had just watched in a film, and we went right to the Internet to find the answer to our question--shopping searches tend to be rather frustrating.

Enter TheFind.com a fabulous shopping search engine geared to helping consumers search for the things they need, including many items on buyoutsidethebox.com. A sister website is TheFindGreen.com, which directs consumers to green products.

Some of the user friendly features of TheFind.com include large images and "mouse over" technology that displays all of the relevant product information direct from the merchant's Web site. No more wading through and clicking on millions and millions of text links— the best matches for your search are easily visible and are right there on the first page!

So, if you would prefer not to wade through a zillion blue text links test drive this shopper's search engine today. And oh year, don't forget to shop buyoutsidethebox while you are at it.--Ruth Mitchell

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