Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Did You Know?

At various times I have sung the praises of the Internet in this blog. Usually it has to do with how it makes my life easier, or better. Today, I want to share with you how it can change the way you vote, which ultimately empowers you in this Democracy we live in.

Have you ever walked into the polling place, you know who you want to vote for President, or maybe there are one or two issues you feel passionately about and you're well versed on? Or perhaps someone has tried to convince you how to vote one way or the other, and you just want the straight facts, but when you get to the voting machine, you've forgotten your reading glasses, there's a huge line behind you, and you're uncertain because of double negatives which way to vote.

Yes, that's right. All that information is online. Typically each state has a website with ballot issues there for you to review before you go to the polls. In my state this can be found at the Secretary of State's site. A quick Google should find this for you. By pulling up those initiatives ahead of time, you can read first hand and decide for yourself how to vote. You don't have to depend on who has created the most clever television advertisement.

Another way the Internet can help you vote your conscience, is to sort out through all the BS. I was curious about some of the vindictive political ads, so took it upon myself to do some research. In less then 15 minutes, I came to a better understanding of some pretty outrageous mudslinging.

In the old elementary school I attended quite some time ago, there was a motto emblazoned in the concrete lentil above the door. It said "knowledge is power." That saying has stuck with me through the years. Early voting has already begun. Go out and vote!--Ruth Mitchell

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