Friday, November 07, 2008

Corporate Gifts through Creative Consumerism™

With the economy in the dumps, everyone is looking at creative ways to spend their money wisely. Many people have recently lost their jobs, and while the election's culmination can give us hope, we are all looking around at how to stretch our dollars to the max right now.

Here at we have coined the phrase Creative Consumerism™, which is the art and science of bringing art and fine, handmade things to the doorstep of buyers who enjoy thinking, and thus buying, outside-the-box. We suggest to you that if your company is in the process of choosing gifts for your employees this holiday season, then stretch your dollars buy purchasing handmade items, made with the passion and soul of an artist. You will be surprised at how much more meaningful your gift will impact your dedicated employees. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the value of a handmade gift far exceeds the value of something from an assembly line in a far away land.

With this said, we suggest the following items that could truly put a smile upon many faces!--Ruth Mitchell

Top Left: Hand Thrown Pottery Storage Jar
Top Right: African Fish - Inlaid Wood Cutting Board
Middle: Hand Painted Silk Throw Pillow
Lower Left: RoZark Coffees
Lower Right: Hand Blown Glass Ornaments

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Lael Trent said...

All this is quiet exotic, can I also add something that’s rather common to own but yet people cant buy enough of them?. Yes, it’s the ipod. I just got mine from BTW they make great corporate gifts too.