Thursday, November 06, 2008

Featured Artist Jeri Burzin

This month we feature photographer Jeri Burzin of Visalia, California who got her start a number of years ago when a Caribbean sailing trip sparked her interest in photography. "I enlarged and displayed images that I liked, and attended a variety of photography workshops in Yosemite, the White Mountains, Sequoia National Park, and Pt. Reyes. These experiences inspired me to learn about the camera, and see what was special about nature, and “ordinary” things. “Literacy through Photography” workshops at the Center for Documentary Studies taught me about photography as a medium of communication that is exciting to children, which I have integrated into my work as an educational therapist.

"My work has been shown at the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite, the Yosemite Museum, the Business of Art Center in Colorado, the Clark Center for Japanese Culture, Arts Visalia, Tulare County Historical Museum, Visalia Convention Center, Brandon-Mitchell Gallery, CafĂ© 225, Gallery 25, the Visalia Art Studio Tour, First Arts Market, Designs by Arenas Gallery, and the Artists’ Union in Ventura.

The desire to capture and celebrate special moments and places has continued to motivate me. “Designs in Nature” are what often capture my attention. My images are an attempt to share experiences which I hope you enjoy.

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