Monday, December 15, 2008

Don't let this 12 Hour Sale Get Away From You

For the Fisherman on your List
"The One that Got Away"
Ellen Hobgood

My daughter called me from Target yesterday afternoon. "This is a little overwhelming," she said. "I'm standing in front of the wii section and there must be a hundred little kids in front of me looking at the same thing.

While Target is one of my favorite big boxes, and wii certainly has a more healthy approach to interaction than any other video system I've been exposed to, it seems to me total madness that after six weeks of meeting a deadline, working 24/7 my daughter felt compelled to drive an hour to the suburbs to shop for her family.

"I have to do some touchy feely shopping," she explained. This I do understand, but in a half hour I had wrapped up all my holiday shopping online. I didn't use any gas. I didn't get high-blood pressure or gridlocked into traffic for hours.

Today is the 15th of December. It's almost too late to order for this holiday season from us, unless you do it today. As a little surprise for our ardent blog readers, we are offering 10 percent discount off anything on our website for the next 12 hours. Starting at 10 a.m. this morning.

We have so many things to offer you this year, not just art, but handmade toys, a few fun gadgets and a plethora of incredible art. We guarantee your satisfaction and offer you a full refund policy if you are not absolutely pleased. Our site is absolutely secure. But most of all your gifts will be made with the soul and passion of an artist.

May all your days be filled with family and fun. --Ruth Mitchell

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