Friday, January 16, 2009

New Items! Eco-friendly Coffee and Designer Sinks

We are so pleased to share with you some new items for 2009. We have added a very special new line of organic, shade-grown coffee from Good Dog Coffee. Shade grown coffee not only tastes better, it is better for the environment, because the shading canopy of native tropical trees provides habitat for song birds. One of these new coffees comes direct from Hacienda Ana Luisa in the mountains of West-Central Puerto Rico. Delicate harvesting and processing together with a custom French (Espresso) roast make this coffee one of the best coffees you will ever drink! This level of roasting maximizes a strong coffee flavor and rich aroma. It is characterized by its low acidity and great aftertaste. These beans are custom-roasted, meaning they are not roasted until after you place your order. It doesn't get any fresher!

Also, we are now able to bring you some artisan sinks and unique plumbing fixtures by Kraus. These beautiful sinks will quickly turn your ordinary bathroom into a stylish respite.

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