Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Meeting Magical Madhu

We are still reeling from the delightful cultural buzz of hosting exchange visitors from India through Rotary International. Each spring for the past five years we have been fortunate enough to house and befriend a visitor from another part of the world. This year we had Arusam Madhusudan or "Madhu" from the historic town of Warangal in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Madhu is a very talented mime actor whose bright friendly personality was more like 19 going on 20 than his 33 years of age. We learned that he has established the Indian Mime Academy in Hyderbad in 2005, and has studied his art with such greats at Tony Mantanaro in the United States and Min Tanaka in Japan. It was a pleasure to meet all the group, and learn more about a culture that is very different from ours. We are even hoping to have some handmade items from India soon!--Ruth Mitchell

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