Friday, May 22, 2009

Go Ahead Click the Button

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Recently our favorite trend setting stock market guru, Warren Buffet, announced newspapers were going the way of dinosaurs and would no longer be a viable investment. Anyone in publishing has known this for quite some time and I’m pretty sure Buffett has too, but it gives us a chance to explore the phenomenon we are now faced with as we all begin to adapt to building our own reliable newspapers with our favorite news sources through RSS feeds. No longer do we depend on a responsible neighborhood youth to deliver our news to our doorstep. Even our favorite local television station now refers us to their website for the latest detailed information. Information doesn’t have the luxury of downtime while it is produced and this can lead to uncured or inaccurate information to make its way more readily into our living rooms and our minds. The good news is that electronic publishing can be edited with the click of a button as well, so it is important to build some consistency to our consumption of information.

And part of our newspaper has always been the features: our favorite columnist, the arts and culture sections, sports and society. A well rounded newspaper has features to it. It even has advertisements, and while sometimes we view this as a necessary evil, it is the ads which can direct us to that sale so we can get that pair of shoes for half price, we’ve been eying.

And while the news is important to keep up with, what we find of interest, what we collect and, how we spend our leisure time says so much about us.

We invite you to click on the big orange button now, and let us become a regular part of your life. Go ahead, you know you want to do it.—Ruth Mitchell

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