Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What is Your Non-Traditional Wedding Story?

June is almost upon us, and there are lots of brides, grooms and mother-of-the-brides scurrying around to make the wedding of a lifetime come to fruition. There is a great interest in making the wedding individualized to each couple's visualization and that means there will be more non-traditional weddings than ever before. Many of our customers purchase something from buyoutsidethebox.com for a unique wedding present, and we are proud of our role in being a non-conformist gift registry for brides and grooms everywhere. On each purchase page of an item you have the ability to add that item to your wish list. In this way you can use buyoutsidethebox.com as a gift registry.

And now that we have a social networking capability, we hope you will sign onto our social network and tell us about your wedding, your dreams, your hopes and your desire for your perfect wedding day. Tell us you story of your non-traditional wedding. It makes for interesting reading, but it also gives other people ideas for making their wedding day memorable. Click on the items pictured for more details. Or check out these links: hand-blown bottle stoppers, saki sets, kitchen gizmos and art. Remember there are no shipping costs at buyoutsidethebox.com. Enjoy and let us hear from you.--Ruth Mitchell

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