Monday, June 08, 2009

Andrew Jackson Pollack Checks In

Just a quick update. Things are beginning to get hot here in New Orleans. As gallery and other orders are slowing down - we are keeping busy with the start of our yearly Glass Camp program at the New Orleans School of Glassworks. This is for 10-17 year olds, and is a lot of fun. We will be making lots of beads and animals and other small glass items all summer long. Along with the print and metal department, we are hoping for a fun and creative summer. We are still looking for donations of soft glass scraps and old tools and such, as well. Please call the school at 504-529-7279 to register or for more information.

For the rest of the summer the family is going camping for a week then to Atlanta for Tiffany's and my engagement party. Next March is getting closer and closer!

Also, I am still on the lookout for empty wine and vodka bottles with funky shapes, colors, or labels. New Orleans is still lacking a glass recycling program - other than Tulane University's Glass Studio and myself. Not good!--Andy

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