Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More on Alex, Er, Shred Begley Jr

Well, the San Francisco Air Guitar Championships are almost upon us, they will be held this Friday and Saturday at The Independent in San Francisco. Once again, defending his Title as the San Franciso Bay Area Champion and Number 3 Air Guitar master in the world is my son-in-law, Alex Koll aka "AWESOME" Mr. Shred Begley Jr. Take a look at the video.

KTVU interviews Alex in his full costume and leads off the segment by mentioning he is a "mild-mannered married man" by day, and show him in very clean-cut mode with a beautiful wedding shot of he and my daughter Erin. He is so effective in his role as Shred Begley Jr., that if I didn't know it was Alex, an immensely talented comic, film editor, and producer, I would think they might have picked up a local character off the street to perform.

Aside from the Air Guitar Nationals this weekend, Alex has a busy summer ahead. He has a headliner position at the Purple Onion in San Francisco coming up. The Purple Onion is where many great comedians got their start including the Smothers Brothers.

The television interview of Alex's alter ego (Shred Begley Jr. even has his own myspace page) takes place in Alex's office and includes Tullie, our grand dog. We wish Alex all the luck in the world, and do hope he doesn't literally "break a leg" during his athletic Air Guitar performance.

You can read more about Alex's career at Mitchell

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