Monday, August 03, 2009

Buy Blue and Go Green with

Blue Iris - Aya Fu

Optimism, responsibility, a desire to learn, a desire to surround oneself with the beauty of life. These are qualities that Creative Consumers™ share in common. Many of us, led by our conscience are striving to go "green" at every opportunity, and I want you to know this is a very green site.

Why? Because art and fine hand made things are often made from natural sources, by hand with little or no pollution. You may not realize it, but one of the biggest polluters associated with online shopping are the color catalogs sent to you in the mail and published to entice you to purchase. We never publish catalogs which contribute to deforestation of our planet. You've seen me write on this topic, and how adamant I am about the proliferation of these ecologically devastating selling tools.

We all need to feel good about our actions. If you see something beautiful on our site, you can relish your purchase with the added knowledge that your actions are supporting eco-friendly practices.--Ruth Mitchell

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