Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Health Care Reform is a Just Action

Health Care reform is imperative for artists who, for the most part are self-employed, and do not have access to health insurance at affordable rates. Not even considering the millions of other Americans who cannot afford health insurance because they have had the bad luck to NEED it at one time, it is only prudent to examine and correct our health care system.

According to broadwayworld.com "A high percentage of those who work in the arts - a group totaling more than 2 million American citizens - don't receive health insurance benefits through employers and are twice as likely to be uninsured as the general population, the dire need for reform must focus on solutions that go further than employer-provided benefits. In order to keep the arts in America healthy and thriving, all artists must have access to affordable, comprehensive health insurance and care."

Anyone with a conscience, or a lack of access to health care needs to rise up and be vocal at this point in time. We have a unique window of opportunity to insist on affordable, comprehensive guaranteed-issue insurance.

A new website, Artists United for Health Care, is an excellent place to start the work that must be done.

If you are an artist with a story to tell about your need for health insurance, we'd love to hear from you.--Ruth Mitchell

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