Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tips for Online Security

Pink-Cranberry Charming Bracelet by Svetlana Howells

Just like everything else, you hear more about the bad than the good. But here is some information that can help you protect yourself when using your credit card. For instance you probably know about the protection you have when using your card, but you probably don't think about it. Say you buy something with cash, you may not have any recourse if the item is damaged, but you do with most credit cards.

Then there's the obvious, if you buy online at home, in your own living room or office, you're not going to get mugged like you might at the mall.

Then there's a fact that you might not be aware of. When you do buy online, be sure that the check out page says https. This means the site is secure, and your purchase is encoded. So be secure in the fact that when you buy jewelry or other valuable art purchases from us, your purchase is secure. Happy shopping!--Ruth Mitchell

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