Friday, August 28, 2009

Who Knew? Art as a Savvy Investment

Being a small company we can engage with our artists more than other, larger, websites, and I like that, no love it! Ildikó Kalapács is an artist we represent that has become a friend, through her active participation and correspondence. She recently sent me a link to a fascinating article about collecting art as a practical return on your investment by Suzanna Stagemeyer of the Kansas City Business Journal.

The Collectors Fund, a Kansas City-based investment fund that buys mostly 20th century American art has significantly outpaced the Mei Moses Fine Art Index, which tracks the financial returns of the art market. This fund even allows its investors to rotate the art in their homes, so you get to enjoy the art as it increases in value. But it is an investment, you only have to have a cool $120,000 to get in, and so the art is occasionally sold, and dividends distributed. Check it out and have a great weekend.--Ruth Mitchell

Check out Ildikó's video on the new channel on YouTube.

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