Sunday, September 13, 2009

Found on Facebook -- YOU LIE!

I watch Television news rather regularly (which is nothing to brag about), and I've been pretty busy this week, so I never had time to research who it was that was so rude as to shout "You Lie!" during the president's recent address to congress the other evening. Trying to catch up on emails I came across this article that details who this rude rascal is. Thought Creative Consumers™ might be interested. I'm guessing the reason such a news worthy item has been suppressed has to do with mega bucks in advertising dollars the TV execs didn't want to jeopardize. This is your health care system on drugs folks.--Ruth Mitchell

UPDATE: Seems as if this congressional indecency isn't dying down. Now a group of Congressmen are looking to write Wilson up. Good for them, though I think he should have been escorted out of the room immediately. Found on Ildikó Kalapács Facebook page, this online "Art for Health Care Reform" exhibit. Enjoy--Ruth Mitchell

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