Saturday, September 12, 2009

Notes from Artist George Wittenberg on Technique

"One might wonder why I use the term 'watercolor sketch' when all watercolor paintings (may or usually) start as a sketch? I use the term in my work referring to a step in my painting process. I like to capture a scene quickly and often in a smaller format. I try to put down in paint the colors I see, lights and darks, perspective and the feel of the scene. After I do this to the point that I like the sketch, or preliminary painting, I then use it to create a larger and usually more finished work, which will require more time. So I use the word sketch to mean preliminary, but it doesn't mean less good - just because its usually smaller and quicker. Sometimes I think these 'watercolor sketches' are as good as the more 'worked on' larger work."--George Wittenberg

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