Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Twittered Yet?

One Creative Consumer™ reports that in San Francisco, the foodies are using Twitter to cash in on instant gourmet satisfaction. You can now keep up with your favorite gourmet cupcake truck and its location. If its nearby, you're the winner. Another correspondent in Wisconsin says he can keep up with cancellations of his boy's soccer games. The message will come beaming to him via the vibration on his phone. No time spent on the phone trying to track down parents. I'm always sharing my fascination with the Internet in this column, and this is just one more way our lives are changing. Again, I didn't see the value of twitter at first, but these simple applications of social networking are proving to not only be fun, but useful. I'd like to hear from you how we can apply twitter to spreading the word about Creative Consumerism™.

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