Tuesday, November 03, 2009

There's a Map for That

OMG...advertising does work, and to my benefit on this one. I have really enjoyed the iphone television ads for aps, and to tell you the truth, I owned an iphone for several months before I grasped what aps were, and the variety of things they could do. Then comes "There's a map for that," Verizon's moniker to get the point across about their extensive 3G network.

Well, I got the message, and those of you who have been following this blog for awhile, know that we live out where the eagles like to fish and nest. This makes working on the website from our home office, a challenge at the most. We can't even get satellite out here. At first I actually used an antenna, then went to an air card from AT&T, only all I could get was E coverage, where E stands for "edge," or "forEVER." Guess what I now have Verizon broadband! It's amazingly fast. Whoohoo. This may be the first and last time we ever share viral advertising on this blog. I'm just so grateful for a little technological speed. I can even view videos.

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