Saturday, December 19, 2009

Made with the Soul and Passion of an Artist

For some of us the idea of something made by hand, that reflects the human element of imperfection is alluring, more so than the machine precision of a manufactured product. This came to mind recently as I finish my annual Christmas stocking. My mother who was an excellent seamstress and knitter left us more than a decade ago. When I started having grandchildren, my daughter wanted me to make knitted Christmas stockings similar to the ones my mother had made for me as a little girl, and then in turn for my daughters. "Oh, Cecelia," I told her, socks are really hard to make, and I'm not really that good at knitting. She persisted, and I thank her for that. So, as I got each stocking completed (one a year), another family member wanted one.

I've made 5 now, and I can't really say I'm getting any better. I forget how to understand the instructions from year to year, and my Christmas stockings look nothing like the ones my mother made. Perhaps the most gratifying completion of a stocking was from my son-in-law, Mike, who gleefully opened the stocking and exclaimed, "finally, after 10 years of marriage and 2 grandchildren, you have made me a sock." This was not the reception I had expected!

This is a seasonal approach to what we do year round, promote and extend to consumers an alternative lifestyle if you will. While my Christmas stockings are a poor example of what human ingenuity can produce, it is the story behind them that makes them valuable. All the art and handmade things on this site are produced by an individual, and there is a story to each and every creation. While there isn't enough time probably to order anything on our site before Christmas, there is one exception. You could order a gift certificate which we can send via email to your loved one.

As we approach 2010, we hope to share those stories with you more, so that you too can benefit from those things made with the soul and passion of an artist.--Happy Holidays!--Ruth Mitchell

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