Sunday, February 14, 2010

We've addressed viral marketing before. It's all the rage. Large companies advertise by getting talented creatives, often through contests, to create videos, that if clever enough are passed around the Internet.

One such talent is Alex Koll who created a commercial for, the same company that featured a Chevy Chase commercial during the Super Bowl.

You might otherwise know Alex as a stand up comic in the San Francisco Bay area, or last year as "Awesome" the Air Guitar champ from the Bay Area. So many talents to tout, of my son-in-law, but in addition to being very funny, he is a talented illustrator and film editor. I share this video featuring the story my daughter told him about spending the night in a hotel room. She travels a lot and came by this knowledge honestly.

Just something fun for a Sunday, enjoy, and if you like it, pass it along. thanks you in advance.--Ruth Mitchell

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