Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Naked Clay

Artist Gina Skillings shares some points of technique with us...."For the past few years much of my clay work has included naked or 'almost naked' clay, meaning I've chosen not to glaze all or some of the work. The 'almost' is that the clay isn't glazed but I did put some underclothes on it; brushed on iron oxide and rubbed some off to get the effect I want before firing with the glaze load. For non-functional work I often add no glaze at all but for functional work I need a glaze. Before glazing I brush wash (or a resist) over the oxide areas so as not to get glaze on them. Sometimes though I think I miss spots where I may have splashed a little iron oxide and I believe it's flux characteristics creates a 'crawl' at those spots. Crawl is when the glaze pulls away from the pot during firing leaving a bare or almost bare spot on the pot. This also tends to happen when too much glaze is put on any area. Also an oily finger or specks of dust can create a crawl."

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