Friday, March 26, 2010

What the heck is a bottle tree?

Bottle trees can still be found deep in the back country of the Ozarks. Simple folk, who want to dispel spirits, can find a good cedar tree skeleton, plant it in the yard and adorn it with colored bottles. Bright blue Maalox bottles are considered especially effective for catching flagrant spirits who otherwise might make their way under the door of the homestead. The spirits, up to no good, are attracted to the bright bottles inserted onto the cedar limbs, upside down. Once a spirit finds its way into the bottle it becomes trapped and cannot get out, making the grounds of an Ozark domicile safe from such trickery as the spirits might conjure up.

In celebration of opening our "Bottle Tree Gallery" the first physical gallery space for, we are getting readers to write in and tell us their bottle tree stories. Pictured is an authentic bottle tree collection found in Eureka Springs, AR at the Quigley Mansion. So help us out and send us your stories to Mitchell

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