Sunday, May 02, 2010

Kitsch Explored

It's a wonderful word that I have to look up the spelling every time I use it. It comes from the German kɪtʃ and it refers to "stuff" that is mass produced and plays on the sentimentality of elements of original art or cultural icons while pandering to popular demand alone, created purely for commercial purposes. Perhaps one of the most iconic forms of kitsch comes in the form of yard art, most specifically those little plaster of Paris gnomes that inhabit yards and gardens everywhere. While kitsch refers to deficient qualities, making creative gestures that imitate art through repeated conventions(we even know of a scholar who wrote a treatise on yard art), we thought we would give the concept of kitsch some thought. Pictured is a little bit of "kitchen kitsch."

We are indulging ourselves and our readers with the idea of kitsch as an antithesis to art, a tribute to all things tacky, thus giving "fine art" a better context. Send us your photos of your favorite kitsch.

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