Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sad News from Cerf+

Dear Friends,

We are very sad to announce that CERF+ co-founder, Carol Sedestrom Ross, died unexpectedly of a heart attack on Monday in Houston, Texas.

Carol was THE mover and shaker in the craft field. Anytime she took something on, that “something” happened. Whether it was an economic survey of the impact of craft on our economy or starting an art school in Mexico, those of us who had her involved in a project were truly fortunate to have her energy, commitment, intelligence, and fearlessness.

In 1985, Carol decided that there was a clear need to institutionalize the passing of the hat she witnessed at almost every show to help exhibiting craft artists who were dealing with emergencies in their lives. She recognized that too often this gesture was the only safety-net that self-employed artists had. By creating the Craft Emergency Relief Fund, she ensured that craft artists would always have funds and other help to count on when their careers were threatened with events such as fire, theft, natural disaster, accident, and illness. Twenty-five years later, CERF+ has helped hundreds of artists with over $1 million in grants, loans, and other services.

With CERF+ in the midst of celebrating its 25th anniversary, the news of Carol’s death has hit us all very hard. Clearly CERF+ would not have happened without Carol. We extend our heartfelt condolences to Adrian, her two daughters and three grandchildren.


Josh Simpson
CERF+ Co-Founder

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