Monday, July 19, 2010

Art Has Never Been a Better Investment

Art as an investment has never made better sense, and that's not just for the mega collector who has millions to invest. While economic woes continue to tumble the stock market, mega art continues to rocket out of the ball park the misconception art is a frivolous investment. While any investment is risky, art has an intrinsic value that gives dividends regardless of its resale value. You can enjoy it, possess it even use it if it is functional. Long after that new cocktail dress is out of style or that flat screen television is obsolete the art in your home will continue to give you pleasure as long as you purchase those pieces you like, and you don't buy to impress others or solely as an investment. Additionally at this time, artists like everyone else, are dealing with a sagging economy, and prices are very reasonable.

We recently received some new pieces by emerging glass artist Andrew Jackson Pollack. If you remember he was displaced by hurricane Katrina, but has since returned to New Orleans and is back better than ever. We see a continued dedication and growing skill level to his work and hope that you see something you like as well.

(c) 2009 - Ruth Mitchell - all rights reserved

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