Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sensual Body Butter Bars Are Now Available at an Obscene Price

There is nothing, I mean nothing that I have ever put on my skin that is as moisturizing as Sue Poff's all natural Body Butter Bars. Your skin becomes sensually soft, lightly fragrant and there is no heavy residual. So your skin breathes, yet remains moisturized. Now in a super sweet deal with Sue, we have arranged for you, Creative Consumers™ a new, lower price only available on, just $18. and that includes shipping.

You can now order her bars in six luscious scents: Grapefruit, Tahiti, Southern Belles, Vanilla Honey, and "The Beach." Grapefruit, one of my favorites leaves you feeling fresh, Tahiti has a coconut/pina colada flavor so rich you might want to taste it. Southern Belles is lightly floral, and "The Beach" has a suntan lotion fragrance.

Or, try the push up sticks that fit handily in your purse. These are now only $13 which also includes shipping. Buy for yourself or a friend, this product is simply luscious!

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