Monday, November 29, 2010

Artful T Shirts for a Good Cause

The BECA Foundation has launched WEAR ART as both an ongoing BECA fundraiser as well as an income source for participating artists, architects + designers. It also imparts the added benefit of directly connecting the global public to emerging artists + designers from around the world and exposing them to new works of art + design.

WEAR ART features new works of art + design created by artists, architects + designers from around the world, screenprinted and/or embroidered onto limited edition wearables such as t-shirts, messenger bags, etc. It will soon also feature original works of art and design that happen to be wearable.

This January 2011, The BECA Foundation will enter its 4th year of creating physical and online public arts programming benefiting artists, architects, designers and the public around the world. All of it has been accomplished thus far via unpaid, volunteer efforts. Anyone involved in long term projects such as this knows that although this model of operation is altruistic, it is not sustainable. With the next several years of programming goals in mind, we intend to first hire a full-time Volunteer Coordinator and a part-time Fundraiser (who will eventually move to full-time by mid-2011). Current BECA Directors will remain unpaid volunteers until funds are available to hire an Executive Director.

Hire subsequent employees in preparation to re-start the BECA ICAD capital fundraising campaign and then begin utilizing funds to build the 50,000 sq ft BECA ICAD exhibition facility. WEAR ART is a viable funding solution in lieu of knocking on doors. Every year, tens (if not hundreds) of millions of t-shirts are purchased around the world. If WEAR ART sells only 250,000 t-shirts, the future BECA ICAD large scale, international facility dedicated to the exhibition of new works by BOTH emerging artists AND emerging designers from around the world will be well on its way to reaching completion.

Click here to purchase your favorite affordable, limited edition WEAR ART wearables and please help spread the word to others who may be interested. Thank you in advance for supporting New Art + New Design + New Ideas!

Get Involved:

No matter where you are located in the world, if you'd like to discuss ways to get involved or send us your programming or exhibition facility ideas and input, please email the BECA Foundation. Your input is valuable to us so you have an open invitation to join us anytime.

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