Sunday, January 16, 2011

Patently Absured

If you are going to be a famous artist in these times, it seems all you need to do is plug into the psyche of the most people via pop icons such as a can of soup or a balloon dog, as Andy Warhol and now Jeff Koons have done.

And even though Koons is currently reaping wads of publicity by instructing his lawyers to attain the copyright on the balloon dogs he has made famous--don't you have to be just as creative at publicity as you are at your craft?-- I don't think he has what it takes to measure up to Warhol.

Some are concerned that if he attains this patent then the human form is next. Hmmm....

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megatron said...

Remarkably beautiful. No matter what comes next, the thing to focus over here is the beauty that has been presented with this creativity. I would love to see this product at stores so that i can do some online shopping of these!!