Sunday, February 20, 2011

Maeve Croghan's Images are a Communion with Nature

We welcome the beautiful images of Maeve Croghan of San Francisco and Mackinac Island Michigan. I met Maeve last summer at her gallery on Mackinac Island and was taken aback at her ability to capture the water I knew so well and loved. Turns out she's really good at a lot of different natural scenes, and describes herself as a nature painter.

"The process is essential to my art. I usually sit on the ground, intensely observing and painting my subject. There, I am able to gain a deep communion with my subject and its' environment. I am particularly attracted to old forms of life; aged trees, vines and rocks seem to possess a knowledge beyond human understanding."

Maeve later finishes her work in the studio, working from memory and feeling. As the work evolves, it sometimes changes from the original scene, taking on its own life. The painting eventually becomes a symbol of my experience with the environment I painted. There is a communion with each environment which always remains with me."

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