Monday, January 23, 2012

Santa Fe's Spanish Market Offers a Unique Experience for Art Enthusiasts

Walking through the Plaza in Santa Fe during the July Spanish Market I was greeted by a small girl with a big smile. “Hi,” she said with a big toothy grin.

“Hi there,” I mirrored her enthusiasm. I had just met Marissa Chavez, aged 10. I thought she was helping her mother who stood in the background. But then wasn’t I in the youth section of the market? The sun shone and it was a very pleasant 80 degrees. I dreaded going back to 100 plus degree temperatures at home.

I took another look at the bird carvings in front of the small, friendly girl. They were excellent. I examined them more closely and was drawn to one particular sculpture. Read more here...

120x60 Unpublished Rate Hotels

(c) 2012 - Ruth Mitchell - all rights reserved

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