Monday, April 23, 2012

Star Bright - Suzanne Valadon

Dance at Bougival, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Oh, If I could have half the fun in life as impressionist artist Suzane Valadon and have a crater on Venus named after me as she did.  The beautiful model for Renoir's painting, Dance at Bougival, was not only the subject of several of Renoir's paintings she was an impressive artist in her own right, becoming
the first woman painter admitted to the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts.

Valadon painted portraits, flowers, still lifes and landscapes, but is best known for her candid female nudes. Her style features strong composition and vibrant colors. A perfectionist, she worked on some of her oil paintings for up to 13 years before showing them.

"Reclining Nude" Susane Valadon
In addition to appearing in several of Pierre-Auguste Renoir most famous paintings, Valadon also modeled for  Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (who gave her painting lessons), and Pierre-Cécile Puvis de Chavannes. Composer Erik Satie purportedly proposed to her the first night of their relationship, and was  devastated six months later when the relationship ended. Her marriage to stock broker Paul Moussis ended too when, in 1909, she left him for a painter half her age, André Utter. Artist Pablo Picasso was present at her funeral. 
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