Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Moonlight Serenade" - Johnathan Harris
Man you have to keep busy to keep up. Internet marketing is constantly changing and just when I put my foot down and say no to the next social marketing craze I end up eating my words. Well things may be complicated but it really is fun for me to try and keep up with the next best thing. Like our newsletter...we have a new service and now we have figured out how to utilize more integrative systems to reach more people. Reach of course is what it is all about, but for us it's not just about selling things, but "reaching" that person that will fall in love with a certain painting or other art work and we will connect the two. That is what Creative Consumerism™ is all about, connecting the art lover with the art. So here is the link to our latest newsletter. If you'd like to start receiving our newsletter, please visit any page of our site and on the lower left hand side of the page there is a place for you to sign up.
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