Sunday, July 15, 2012

Investigating the Wonderful Art of Gloria Garrison

"Horse Play" by Gloria Garrison

This painting by Gloria Garrison still haunts me. You see I sold it. It was in the Bottle Tree Gallery (our retail gallery) for less than 48 hours before it sold. This is a happy thing of course, (that is our objective). Still I miss that painting. Gloria told me the painting was of her neighbor's horses. Gloria and her husband Bill enjoy jumping into their RV and painting plein air wherever they go. (See story) 

She paints in watercolor and oil and has studied with contemporary painters such as Milford Zornes, Irving Shapiro, Frank Web, Don Andrews, Bill Herring, Jeanie Dobie, Gerald Brommer, and Cheng-Khee Chee.

Gloria has another claim to fame, she and Bill were selected as the first Artists-in-Residence for the Buffalo National River by the National Park Service in the Fall of 1996 and Glacier National Park Artists-in-Residence in July 1998. This program provides artist accommodations within a national park with the freedom to paint within the park. What a great program.

So, I'm writing with somewhat of a moral today. If you are a collector, then don't let something get away once you connect with it. Find a way to make it your own. Enjoy and may the the many benefits of Creative Consumerism™ be with you always.

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