Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pretty Penny Earrings

(c) 2012 - Ruth Mitchell - all rights reserved
I have really gotten into creating "Pretty Penny" earring designs. It started last year when I discovered some wonderful sheet copper left over from building our house. I started experimenting with the rich metal, then I discovered beads!

These three pairs feature handmade beads by my friend Grace Hobbs, who also makes beautiful chain mail bracelets.

The name "Pretty Penny" comes of course from the copper elements in the earrings. I started out using surgical steel hoops as they are the most hypoallergenic solution, but then I started using some silver findings as well. Findings are what the "hardware" part of the jewelry construction is. I have recently discovered that I can construct my own findings, which gives a whole other design element to the earrings. Please visit our Facebook page, either Buyoutsidethebox or Bottle Tree Gallery if you are interested in seeing more of these creative designs. And yes, of course all items are for sale.

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