Sunday, August 17, 2014

Inspiration --Go After it with a Club

16" byzantine sterling silver chain
When I was a little girl, my older brother Pete Peterson gave me the "Call of the Wild" by Jack London. It's the only present I remember him ever giving me, and it had a distinct impact on my life. I was probably 9 years old or so. I'm pretty sure my brother picked out the book himself and not my mom as it is a very boyish title.

I may have never been introduced to London until high school when it might not have had the impact it had on me as a little girl, if it weren't for this unexpected birthday gift.

I've been hooked on adventure ever since. So I'm unpacking some jewelry making supplies this morning and a little slip of paper falls out. It's one of those cutesy things store owners do to be memorable so you will want to go back there.

So what should be on the paper but this quote from Jack London: "You can't wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club." Hello, I've been doing this all my life. Following a creative career path, I have been a journalist, editor, magazine owner, travel writer, website developer, gallery owner, and now I'm into handcrafting jewelry. The creative lifestyle may not always be a lucrative one, but by jeepers, you are going to have fun, learn a lot and meet interesting people.

I just completed a byzantine sterling silver neck chain. A friend of mine said I must have a lot of patience, "no, that's not me, I have no patience."

Then she replied, "Determination."

"Yes, that's it, determination."